About me

Hello, fellow!

Obviously you visited this website, and now you want to know what kind of a man administrates it. I'll tell you. Well, I won't tell you everything about me, and I won't tell you my real name. It really doesn't matter right now.

Just call me bumuckl. I am not sure where this nickname derived from, but I guess it has got its origin in a german television broadcast for kids called "pumuckel". I don't know why I am telling you. It really doesn't matter.

I see myself as a tech addict. And a passionate geek. And as an enthusiastic coder. Now and again I see myself as a hacker - not a cracker! Sometimes I am a designer. I am extremely devoted to the greatest scripting language on earth, Lua. I love Apple products, Mac OS and iOS. Years ago, I used to be active in the PSP Hacking Scene and won some coding competitions. Now I waste - well no, spend - my time with webdevelopment. And maybe more. Actually I dabble into everything. But just call me coder.

During the years I have completed quite alot of projects. You won't find all of my projects here, only the ones I found worth to be on this site, worth to be presented and shared.

Now you'll think: Where is the structure in this text? I can assure you, there is none. It is rather a stream of consciousness. And so I'm gonna finish this tiny "about me" with my thoughts wether I should tell you a bit more about me, my age, where I live etc or if I should not. You'll see...