TheBigTrunk - Filebrowser out of the box

TheBigTrunk - What's that?

TheBigTrunk is a "plug and play" filebrowser based on my MVC-Structure of the kirby PHP Toolkit. It is easily customizable and provides support for custom themes. Just upload the whole webapplication to your server, adapt the configuration-file according to your needs and there you go.


  • Works out of the box ("Plug and Play")
  • Fully and easily customizable
  • Custom and multiple theme-support
  • built-in JSON-API for AJAX-Requests and Cross-Site-Requests
  • totally lightweight: Just a filebrowser, nothing more

How does it work?

Somewhere on your server you should set up a folder that later contains all of your files and directories you want to be rendered by TheBigTrunk. By default, any contents of the folder "repos" will be rendered by the filebrowser. You can change that to any directory you want by customizing the "config.php"-file located inside the folder "includes".

Using the API

Using the API is pretty much straightforward as well: In order to request JSON-Data, just add the extension .json to the requested URL; and you will receive all data in a huge JSON-Array.


Default version Live Demo: http://files.bumuckl.com API Demo: On the bottom-right of this website, just click on "Switch to files" - anything you can see there is powered by AJAX


Download: TheBigTrunk R1