Codebase is a code/math repository and a fast collaboration tool for script sharing, math sharing and developing purposes. It is released under the GPL License which means that you are allowed to make any changes and you may use it for yourself, but in case you want to publish your modification, you need to release it again under the GPL License. You can download Codebase below.

What exactly is "Codebase"?

"Codebase" is a fast collaboration tool for scripts and codes. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. At the beginning it was meant to be an easier-to-use and easier-to-install alternative to the famous pastebin, but its emphasis changed a little bit. "Codebase" offers more of an integration to social networks, auto-generates a Google-sitemap for SEO and also includes math tools.

**Where can I try it? Is there a demo? **

A while ago I was hosting Codebase at http://www.parabela.org. Due to spamming I decided to stop providing that service.

How does it work in general?

You enter your code or mathematical expression in the textarea, fill out some further information and press the "+ Add this ..." button. Your submission will now be encrypted and stored in the database. You will be given a special URL that you have to use in order to view your submission again (you can share it, too).

What does this LaTeX stuff mean?

LaTeX is a special syntax for writing mathematical expressions on the computer. There are some rules to obey. Learn more at http://www.forkosh.com/mathtextutorial.html.

How to install Codebase?

In order to install Parabella Codebase or any older versions on your webspace, just load everything up. Then make sure to create a new MySQL database, if you haven't done so yet. At last, you have to edit the configuration file. There you specify the name of your Codebase, the MySQL database/user/password and some other values.

You can edit the theme and the FAQ, but also the "core" of your Codebase version if you've got some further knowlege in PHP-programming.

Download: CodebaseR3 alias Parabella Codebase