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Sometimes a man got to do what a man got to do...coding applications for windows...

Plants vs Zombies +2 Trainer

I proudly present my "Plants vs Zombies + 2" game trainer. The trainer is capable of breaking the DMA of "Plants vs Zombies" and injecting its own code. I could locate only one static address to patch the money, but I could also detect the specific writing pointer for the amount of sunpower. So I isolated this one and injected my own assembly code into a codecave. And here it is, my PvZ +2 trainer, featuring the following two (what an astonishing amount - lol) hacks:

  • Infinite Amount of Sunpower
  • Infinite Cash

Download: Plants vs Zombies +2 Trainer Win32 Download: Plants vs Zombies +2 Trainer Win64

Hopefully, there is more to come in further versions of the trainer. Till now, I haven't spent that much time in searching through the memory of the game. If you are interested in seeing the opcodes and the assembled code to inject, feel free to read on here.

Release: YAEC

YAEC is an abbreviation and stands for "Yet Another Evil Clickbot". Nevermind the word "Evil", it does not suggest anything except for the fact, that you can do some pretty "mean" things with YAEC. How mean? For instance, you can cheat in browser based games with the help of this nifty application. I developed this small application in a quite short period of time due to boredom and because of the "SpeedClick" Application on Facebook.

What actually is YAEC?

YAEC is a clickbot. This means it is an application that will fetch your mouse cursor (just as if it was magic!), move it to a specified position on your screen and will simulate mouse clicks, just as if you clicked by yourself, but YAEC does that automatically. In YAEC, you cannot only specifiy the position you want the cursor to move to and perform the clicks, but also the delay between each simulated click, the duration of time you want the clickbot to run and also the delay before it starts moving to the specified position and before it starts clicking.

YAEC is very self-explanatory. For instance, you can just press the "Sample"-button and some sample data will be inserted for you. Using the "How To"-button, YAEC will tell you a hint how to analyze the x and y position on your screen where you want the clickbot to perform clicks.

When is it useful?

Just too mention a very light example: Imagine you want to play a JavaScript based Game in your browser where you have to prove how many clicks you can do within a certain period of time. Then you could just let YAEC do the work for you. It will click automatically, and if you specified the value of 0 for the delay between each click, YAEC will click extremely fast.


YAEC 0.2 Win32

YAEC 0.2 Win64