Eb0X Portable Eboot Extractor

Eb0x v1.0 stands for "Eboot Extractor v1.0" and it is - hell freezes over - an eboot extractor! With help of this nifty application you can extract the content of an EBOOT.PBP. For example you can extract the preview-pictures or thumbnails out of an EBOOT.PBP. For desktop platforms there's already several applications just for that purpose, such as PBP Unpacker or SeiPSPTool. However, in contrast to the computer applications Eb0x can extract the data right on your PSP.

At the moment Eb0x can only extract the following files: - Icon0.png - Pic1.png - Param.sfo - Data.psp

Snd0.at3 and .psf-videos are not yet extractable. There may be some bugs in Eb0x v1.0.

Download: Eb0x v1.0

Plants vs Zombies +2 Trainer

I proudly present my "Plants vs Zombies + 2" game trainer. The trainer is capable of breaking the DMA of "Plants vs Zombies" and injecting its own code. I could locate only one static address to patch the money, but I could also detect the specific writing pointer for the amount of sunpower. So I isolated this one and injected my own assembly code into a codecave. And here it is, my PvZ +2 trainer, featuring the following two (what an astonishing amount - lol) hacks:

  • Infinite Amount of Sunpower
  • Infinite Cash

Download: Plants vs Zombies +2 Trainer Win32 Download: Plants vs Zombies +2 Trainer Win64

Hopefully, there is more to come in further versions of the trainer. Till now, I haven't spent that much time in searching through the memory of the game. If you are interested in seeing the opcodes and the assembled code to inject, feel free to read on here.