...things I am proud of!

Intel Leibniz Challenge 2009

It took four months to solve four difficult tasks from the areas of electrical engineering, such as developing simulations of circuits with LTSpice and constructing them in reality with a special kit. On Wednesday, 24th of June 2009, we had been invited to visit the final ceremony of the competition, because we were in the top 10 of all of the participants.

We, that's "Team bermudalabs". And we are very proud of that name, because it stands for success. And success, in this case, means we got 3rd place in a competition along with 629 competing teams and over 2250 overall participants at national level!

We were rewarded with a scholarship for the Leibniz University of Hannover, an internship at the Intel Research Facility in Braunschweig and an iPod Touch 16GB! Nobody of us could have ever imagined to be that successful in that big competition, since the decision to participate had been rather spontaneous and just for fun. We were very very happy and participated in the next years as well, of course.

Neoflash Spring Coding Competition 2008

My success in the previous competition raised my motivation even further. In spring 2008 I decided to participate in the Neoflash Spring Coding Competition 2008 not just with one application, but with two. And I won with both of them.

I became 1. place in the PSP app division with my homebrew "Dow! 0.2 - Develop on the go" and 10. place in the PSP game division with my homebrew game "Motion Pong 0.2". So I won $300 cash and was allowed to choose one prize out of the prize list.

There are a lot of people I would like to thank, because they supported me and helped me a lot: Thanks to Pr0nt0, FloXxX, homj, Joshi, Shoesy, Splitti, Dr. Neo, and many more for supporting me. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention somebody...Great thx to u as well!

PSPSource.de Summer Coding Competition 2007

Encouraged by the Neoflash Compo, I decided to participate in the PSPSource.de Summer Coding Competition 2007. It was an awesome competition.

With the help of my PSP homebrew drawing application "Bermuda CS 8" I reached the first place. So I won a 8GB Memorystick Pro Duo and a Burnout Dominator PSP Game!

Neoflash Summer Coding Competiton 2007

During my time as a homebrew developer in the PSP scene I participated in some coding competitions. Neoflash Summer Coding Competiton 2007 was the first one I took part in, and I was surprisingly successful. I participated with my homebrew drawing application called "Bermuda CS" version 7 and became 3rd.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the results. The third place was rewarded with $100 cash. This, and all the honor bestowed to me by the homebrew community was enough to encourage me to participate another time!